Translation for Any Industry

You've got a trendy ad that needs some creativity? Or maybe a legal ruling that has to be certified?
We've got you covered.

We maintain a dedicated talent pool of native speakers with a degree or equivalent qualification in translation. Selected for their specialist skills in a particular industry, our translation teams have access to the latest terminology banks, dictionaries and other reference materials.

As part of our service, and at no extra charge, we’ll create an individual translation memory database for you, so we can ensure consistent terminology for all subsequent projects we undertake.

Industry Solutions:

- Medical / Life Science
- Technical / Manufacturing
- Education
- Financial Services
- Government and Legal
- Technology
- Telecom/Mobile

Need a linguist that can translate from English to Czech, Russian or Arabic and has an extensive background in software engineering? How about a pair of linguists that can translate Danish to English and Spanish with regulatory affairs experience?

With more language experts in more subject fields, ELC GROUP is the only name you need to know when looking for a world-class agency!

Call us to find out how we can make international business easier than ever!