Marketing and Cultural Consulting

Translating copy from one language to another requires an in-depth knowledge of the target market and language. This is why many companies opt for getting their marketing materials localized with the help of a professional translation agency.

A grammatically correct and accurate translation is rarely enough. In fact, when it comes to translation for the purposes of advertising your product in a new market, a translation which represents your original text in every way may actually prove counterproductive. Very often, what is needed is the translation of an idea, a concept or a wider message, rather than a translation of mere words. ElC Group provides a wide range of marketing translation services for all kinds of international advertising. We tailor the service we provide to our client’s individual needs, based on a creative brief, adopting a consultative approach, offering the service most suited to the needs of the client. Sometimes, the service required may fall somewhere between translating and creative copywriting.

Our Marketing Translation Services

• Advertising translation
• Website translation
• App localization
• Email marketing translation
• Brochure translation
• International SEO
• Multilingual social media monitoring and management

Cultural Consulting

Our cultural consultants provided custom writing and design solutions so their marketing materials were just as appealing in different global markets. Success in global marketing takes more than just literal translations. Customizing your approach for your target audience helps create brand loyalty and recognition. Our cultural consulting team will review all elements of a campaign. Our team includes both creative and language experts. Working as an extension of your own marketing team, our cultural consultants will develop a questionnaire that elicits valid, reliable information about your concept, images, and copy.

For cultural research, it is essential to use reliable local resources who currently reside in the target culture. Our cultural consultants are drawn from a network of translation professionals worldwide to conduct survey research. Members of our cultural consulting network have been rigorously selected and evaluated to ensure that they are aware of the cultural nuances and preferences of their native country.

Based on this research, ELC Group will provide your team with a detailed report that will assist your team in making solid marketing decisions.