Mobile Applications

ELC Group is a leading localization provider of mobile applications for both Apple and Android markets.
Companies and developers worldwide use ELC Group to fully test and localize the follow:

  • User Interfaces
  • On-screen commands
  • Code
  • App Store Applications
  • Marketing materials

ELC Group understand the follow aspects of mobile localization may create challenges:
Screen size:
The screen size of a mobile device requires additional formatting to ensure that all content is visual and clear to the user.
All mobile applications come with a unique code that requires expert knowledge. Our team here at ELC Group understand mobile coding and how to work in multiple applications.
Content Consistency:
ELC-Group understands the many levels of content involved in a mobile application and utilizes translation technology to ensure quality and consistency.
ELC Group provides full testing services in the localized language along with constant updates of content. All apps are checked and confirmed for usability